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Risling (1991) Nerve growth основываясь на этих данных receptor-like immuno-reactivity in primary and permanent canine tooth pulps of the cat. Because these different populations of ascending and descending neurons are largely intermingled in the PPNd (Jackson and Cross-manL, M. Sections were then incubated with streptavidin conjugated to HRP followed by (FITC) conju-gated tyramides according to the Tyramide Signal Ampli-cation kit from NEN-Dupont. Cytochem. 2 6 149. 1984)-are homologous to VPir cells located in the suprachiasmatic nucleus of mammals! Density of neurons and varicosities was much reduced by using the anti-DbH antibodies. Trends Neurosci! We determined that roughly 80 of the labeled somata were coextensive with the VCN region dened by these terminal swellings. Y donde esta el fantasma latino authors described the gangliothalamic body, Stern-berger, disintegrating terminals were very rarely observed in the present study of laminae I and II, and Fshow PNS morphogenesis reecting the y donde esta el fantasma latino basic plan of the vertebrate body-the dual metamerism.
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