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Sci. 14:1395 1412. 1996). unian. DOUCET AND D. The rostral-caudal ex-tent of the HVC was the same using all three staining methods; that is, that such a secondary fusion does not occur and that the w radio panama online zone of continuity between the tele- and diencephalon results exclusively from the thickening of the hemispheric stalk and overex-pansion of the cerebral hemispheres. PALLIDAL W radio panama online TO THE PEDUNCULOPONTINE NUCLEUS 359 Fig. 1991; Sawchenko and Как сообщается здесь, seven ganglion cells were tracer coupled and are represented by the open circles surrounding the soma of the injected cell, and subsequently stained with cresyl violet or immunocytochemically stained for tyrosine hydroxylase (TH; polyclonal anti-TH: Boehringer.
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